Dreams of home

The writing piece below was written by our client about her hopes for her upcoming home. It is truly wonderful. By Lesley-Anne Houghton. 


Once upon a time there was a house...

I can’t see my house from here where I sit, words beneath my feet, a giant pink rabbit standing guard.  But I can see the bridge, people always walking, journeying to home, work, study, life.  And from the bridge I know I can see my house. An inspiration, a sanctuary, an adventure. It is bold my house.  It takes risks. It makes a statement. It connects with its community and stands apart from it. It doesn’t care what you think. It won’t be offensive, but it will be known.

My house is welcoming.  It is filled with light, love and laughter.  It is a place for friends to come and eat, drink and connect. A place for children to play and family to rest. A place of many and of few. Opening up and hiding away. It is a place which generates creativity, connection and generosity.  And intimacy, love and rejuvenation.

We claim who we are in this home. We are enveloped and embraced; inspired and pushed to step into possibility, to live a life bold, to take risks and stretch boundaries.  We dream big dreams in these spaces. We sit in a rooftop garden, soft and beautiful, the lights stretching the world beyond us.

And we retreat. To reconnect, to be intimate, to have solitude. To live a life the two of us, forgetting about the demands, the requests, the lists of jobs to be done, people to ring, reports to be written, meetings to be had. We sit quietly, a glass of wine, soft lights and music – holding the world at bay. And my soul repairs.

And then there are children.  Running and hiding and finding adventure in these spaces.  A contemplative garden becomes a jungle adventure.  There are rooms to explore and cubbies to be made and places to hide.  But not yet. There is still quiet and stillness in these walls for awhile.

A home for no-one but us. A home for everyone to share. A home for now. A legacy for the future.

Suzie Wiley