work with us

Whether you’re a small business owner wanting to develop your own space, a school or health project leader needing help with social engagement and consultation, we’re here to help you realise your perfect environment. 


The process

The process is split into four consulting phases. The number of phases in a project and work involved will depend on the project budget for consultation and agreed level of service, here we the present a best practice full service solution.


We work with project owners, community leaders, architects and designers – or anyone who takes a design lead and wants help with the workshop and briefing process.

Hummingbird House 01.jpg
For me, the long term impact is that it has set a standard for consumer and stakeholder engagement, it embedded our values into the physical building. It has allowed me to express things that were important to the build, but I previously couldn’t define them.
— Gabrielle Quilliam, Co-founder Queensland Kids


You own your own space and want to discover and explore your own preferences.


Home owners, Cafe owners, Freelancers, Small business Owners



You run a business that has a niche or speciality and you want to reinforce your expertise and engage the community to lead innovation and change industry wide. 


Companies, people who specialise and pioneer change. e.g. industries include housing, retail, food.


You are designing a project for a client and are looking for a consultant/collaborator to drive the workshop and briefing process. 


Architects, Interior Designers, Landscaper and any non-designers taking a design lead.


You are in charge of delivering a project that serves a large community and what a consultant to work with you on community engagement and consultation.


Health, Schools and Universities, Charities