Human Centred Architecture. We believe great spaces reflect the people who inhabit them. We design for the experiences you seek as well as the buildings that will house them. 

Surroundings is a boutique architecture practice with a focus on human centred design. We centre the design of your space around the experiences you seek. Surroundings design architectural buildings, spaces, interiors, experiences and objects. We also design engagement workshops.


About us

The relationship people have with space is very personal so we begin each project by getting to know the people we are designing for. 

The space we design for you will profoundly influence your daily lives. It will contribute and shape how you connect with each other and your environment as the years unfold. We believe that space should nurture the things you enjoy doing.  A traditional architecture brief will list a set of rooms (scope), a budget, and a timeframe. We have added a phase before this - we call this our insight phase. During this process we capture your individual values, favourite experiences, and collective rituals. We also project forward ; asking you what transitions you might anticipate and developing an understanding of how your lives might unfold with time. 


Our Unique Process

We start every project with a workshop. We use a unique, human centred process designed to connect you to your personal experiences of space. This process allows us to create environments that reflect you, your values and the culture in your community.


Firstly, we like to get to know you, what you enjoy, your position in life, and where you dream to be in the future.


Using exercises and activities, we help you delve into your relationship with space.


Using our newfound knowledge of you and your tribe, we develop a set of ideas with you about the experiences you want to create in your environment.


Using the desired experiences as a foundation, we design a space for you and your tribe to evolve with over time.

Our People

Surroundings is the sum of our individual passions and perspectives. We love to explore, create and connect.

Suzie Wiley

Suzie Wiley

Jon Henzell

Jon Henzell

Laura Pascoe

I am and architect interested in injecting meaningful spaces for individuals and collectives into existing frameworks – homes, workplaces, suburbs, cities, nature.  I enjoy creating heightened human habitats that embrace and magnify our human experiences. To magnify connection to habitat I start by deeply understand its users – to do this we practice Human Centred Design. To help us do this I use my love of systems, frameworks and methodogies to create new applications for design thinking in architecture. I’m interested in education and exploring new ways for users to co-design with us and learn during our design process. 

I love everything about making spaces for people. From talking with people about their aspirations, to form finding with folded paper, to specifying the right type of screws to hold the roof sheeting down. I enjoy the technical engagement, the creative exploration and the human connection afforded by my profession. I’m fascinated and passionate about the connection of built and natural environments and how this connection can nurture and inspire the human psyche, whilst bringing about a healthier planet. 

Jon is also an architectural photographer, see his work camera obscura

For me, design is about creating beautiful and useful objects, images and spaces. My goal is that with each design I can create valuable, exciting and enjoyable experiences for people. I am passionate about the environment and our responsibility for it.

Architecturally I am interested in the choreography of light and shade and the integration of textures and materials (particularly natural ones) into a design. I believe the composition of these things can have a great effect on how we experience a space.  

Instagram @_cameraobscura

Instagram @la_pascoe



We believe the best spaces are designed by multiple talents. We love collaborating with specialist designers and selecting the perfect skills and team for any project. Meet our crowd.


Jess Jackson // Jacks Corner

Interior Design.

Jess works with us regularly on interior design. She loves the interiors, furniture and fitting of home environments.

Darryl Mappin Mappin Design

Landscape Design +  Contractor.

We love collaborating with Darryl to design architecture and gardens simultaneously. He understands and speaks the language of plants.

Simon Lawry

Industrial Design.

Simon works with us to develop our surveys and tools.


Surroundings is part of the SNAP group of emerging practices



We take pride in our work and value high quality outcomes environmentally and socially.

Karen White

"Suzie moves your project to a better place. She has a truly human-centered drive and can collect the best from the people she works with. Couple this with her passion for inventing elegant designs and forms of clarity, the results are far from where you started - but definitely where you want to finish. Suzie | Surroundings is a value space that I can recommend without hesitation." (Client)

Emma De Roquefeuil

"Surroundings created a space for us that fits like a glove. They listened to our wants and needs and morphed them into a design, to create the home that we so love living in today." (Client)

Kirsty Hunter

"Suzie is passionate, professional and personable. We loved working with Suzie and I'm sure her recommendation will help our home evolve." (Client)




Australian Interior Design Awards 2015

Winner Best State Residential Design 2015

Surroundings was awarded the Best State Residential Award for our Dock St Warehouse Project.

Australian Interior Design Awards 2014

Shortlist Workplace Category

Surroundings was Shortlisted for our Endodontic Group Project


2015 Eat Drink Design Awards

Shortlist Best Bar

Surroundings was Shortlisted for our project Heya Bar


Energex Sustainable Building Award

The 100 Ipswich Road Project was a winner for Wiley & Co when they were awarded the Major Winner for Building Owners in Energex Sustainable Building Awards.

Design Institute of Australia Award

Suzie Wiley was awarded a commendation for Environmentally Sustainable Design in the Interior Design Awards held in Melbourne for the 100 Ipswich Road Project .


Master Builders Association State Award

Wiley & Co Pty Ltd, for Excellence in Building for Queenslands Climate

($2 - 10million)



These are the values we love to explore and surround ourselves with. We seek to meet clients who share some of these.

Now. Our studio today.

The Sawtooth&Co Design Space. An open flexible work environment to balance work achievement and community.

Our studio is more than work to us. We have created an environment where we can relax and achieve at the same time. We have different creatives and specialists who come and work out of our space on different days of the week. We like how this brings new ideas, minds and talents into our space. We cook on site and eat a shared lunch to take a break and connect.

Interested in sharing out space? Drop us a line.

Dreams. Our studio future.

Design Arena. A social arena for collaboration and for designers and makers to collaborate in.

Our dream is to create a space where passionate designers and makers can meet and create and workshop their ideas on featured project collaborations. We'd like to work within the rhythm of a strong, invested community and harness this shared talent to bounce ideas and create beautiful and meaningful space. 

Find out more about our Cowork Space