Creating personal experience in space

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Human Centred Architecture, we design the experiences you want to live as well as the building. We believe great spaces reflect the people who inhabit them.

Surroundings is a boutique architecture practice with a focus on human centred design, that is space designed around the experiences the people within seek. At Surroundings we use a variety of design thinking methodologies to gain understanding into all the individuals we’re designing for; your particular interests and relationships with space. Surroundings design architectural buildings, spaces, interiors, experiences as well as objects and tools. We also run workshops for individuals to explore and gain a deeper understanding of how you relates to space and your ideal personal habitat.

5 principles of Design Thinking in Architecture

Human Centred

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The architecture is experienced through the clients eyes.

We all have individual backgrounds, experiences and preferences for how we like to live and what environments we prefer. Human Centred architecture seeks to design through the clients eyes to meet their needs and recognise their individual preferences.



Include all stakeholders in the architectural design process

To truly be human centred we must carefully balance and fulfil the needs of all users in the space. We aim to harness the knowledge of as many different perspectives as possible in our process. Rather than see creativity as a gift we believe everyone is creative and can express this by learning to articulate the ideas that naturally flow through their head. 



The architecture is an interface for human experience

Parallel to designing the space, we design a set of key experiences and rituals to play out in the space. These scenes are design to celebrate end enhance the best experience for the occupants lives.



See the architecture as a sequence of events that unfold over time

Imagine the building is a movie of the occupants lives and then set about creating the building 'movie set' to suit. Create experiences and spaces that reinforce, accumulate and build meaning over time.



Consider the entire environment of the human experience

Lives play out in physical environments and people perceive these environments usings all their senses, design experiences and spaces that people can hear, see, touch, smell and taste. Reinforce and connect the occupants to nature and a sense of place.

[1] Adapted for architecture by Surroundings from; This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases by Marc Stickdorn  (Author) , Jakob Schneider  (Author)