Alexandra Buchanan Architects

Alexandra Buchanan Architecture (ABA) is a boutique architecture studio based in Brisbane.  The ABA team joined us for Surroundings HOME for Designers. ABA joined us for a journey to uncover their unique design bias and what formed them as designers. During our session, the ABA team experienced new ways to work with clients to understand their preferences. Armed with a greater understanding of themselves as designers they can streamline their client interactions to create the perfect designs for their clients and themselves as designers.

What we did

A 4-hour group workshop with our team where we guided ABA through a framework to understand the diversity of human preferences in a home. They received a portfolio of your activities, exercises and ideas.

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Design Institute of Australia AGM

“What would you change about your industry and why?"The annual Design Institute of Australia AGM centred around the question, "What would you change about your industry and why?" They have 5 speakers from the different fields of design who will share their answer to the process. Surroundings ran an interaction experience before and after to share and capture conversations of our design peers who attended.

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