96 Bangalow

It's the mission of 96 Bangalow to create a diverse facility that will set a precedent for regenerative design, ecological values and sustainable economies while supplying the community with high quality products, services, employment and education.

What we did (and continue to do)

Vision workshops, masterplan workshop, experience design and masterplan design.

This work is in collaboration with Jon Henzell of People People Architecture. Photography by Jon.

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Food Pro Tradeshow Experience

“What food industry challenge are you facing?" We designed an exhibit and interaction experience for Wiley. A company that design and build food processing facilities and the process machinery within. This exhibit was to be human, interactive and provoke conversations with their key market at the 3 yearly Food Processing Tradeshow. Their long-term goal? To build a better food future for Australia.


Wiley asked us to design a human interaction and experience for their participation in Foodpro. We designed a design-thinking exercise developed to gather insights into what humans value in the working environment of a food processing facility, and a live building digital infographic to display the results over the 6-month campaign. The findings were to inform the design and delivery of integrated human-centred food facilities.

What we did

We designed an interactive game experience and infographic based on a card sort to explore the conditions for people working within a food facility. The game was both analogue (a physical card set), digital and the live results were updated in real time to large touch screens.

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Design Institute of Australia AGM

“What would you change about your industry and why?"The annual Design Institute of Australia AGM centred around the question, "What would you change about your industry and why?" They have 5 speakers from the different fields of design who will share their answer to the process. Surroundings ran an interaction experience before and after to share and capture conversations of our design peers who attended.

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